Technoarete Transactions on Advances in Computer Applications in Technology (TTACAT) follows a quick evaluation method in order to substantially reduce the time to publication. Submit the original article without any plagiarism with copyright material.

After initial evaluation, the manuscripts are sent to two reviewers which are determined by the editor and / or editorial board. If necessary the number of reviewers can be increased by editor or editorial board. The reviewers are chosen from the referee board according to their expertise. The submitted papers will be blind reviewed by two experts out of whom one expert will be an international expert. One positive report from the reviewers is necessary.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript’s originality, methodology, contribution to the literature, presentation of results and support for the conclusions and future work as well as appropriate referencing of previous relevant studies. Reviewers might accept the manuscript, reject the manuscript, or might require a revision for style and/or content. Reviewers will return the review comments within 10 days after receiving the paper. The final decision for each submission will be made once the review report is received by the Editor-in-Chief.

When a revision is required by the reviewer, the author(s) are to consider the criticism and suggestions offered by the reviewer and they must be sent back the revised version of manuscript within 7 days or requested time by the Editor. Revised manuscripts returned after one month will be considered as new submissions and peer review process is started from the beginning. Reviewers may request more than one revision of a manuscript.

Plagiarism Policy

The plagiarism can be done by two ways,

1. The author can copy their own manuscript that has been already published in some other journals.

2. The authors can intentionally copy someone else’s work. Both the actions are strictly restricted by the publisher.

3. Every manuscript submitted for publication to our journal is checked for plagiarism before being sent for review to the editorial board. If the manuscript is more plagiarized it will be automatically rejected by the publisher.

Publication Ethics:

    Article Acceptance Criteria:
  1. 1. The academic contribution of the article in the particular field.
  2. 2. Clarity of the abstract.
  3. 3. Readability of the articles.
  4. 4. Content should be in English.
    Article Rejection Criteria:
  1. 1. Plagiarism
  2. 2. Poor Figures
  3. 3. Bad Grammar
  4. 4. Flawed Science
  5. 5. Uneven quality

Withdrawn Policy:

We follow the principles outlined of our Technoarete Transactions on Advances in Computer Applications in Technology (TTACAT) journal policy. Article could be withdrawn within 48 hours of submission. Otherwise the editorial board will decide to proceed with your journal for our upcoming issues. Withdrawing manuscripts from publication, it will waste a waste of valuable resources and tremendous amount of effort made in processing the manuscripts by the editors, reviewers and the editorial staff.