Technoarete is World's largest Non-profitable professional association registered under India Trust Act (1882) meant for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. Technoarete is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of science and technology. The Technoarete-forum constitutes of professional wizards and overseas technical leaders who have left no stones unturned to reinforce the field of science, engineering and technology. The Institute conducts technical conferences, seminars and workshop at different parts of country to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.

Today Technoarete is one of the leading publishers of research papers in its high quality peer reviewed journals, proceeding and research magazine. The Institute provides a brilliant scope of research and development to geniuses and wizards working in the field of engineering by providing financial aids by which economic constraints won't retaliate the technical growth and research development. View More

Professional Networking

Technoarete will be essential to the Global technical community and to Technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

Technoarete group is the largest body of life science, medical and engineering Technology Professional field. It has much number of Individual professional Members and More than 25,000 student volunteers.

Innovation & Incubation

Technoarete group interacts with its associates with theme of current technologies at our events.

Technoarete organizes scientific events including international conferences, guest lectures, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, symposium, Implant tours and panel discussions. Technoarete is paramount event partner of college and Universities to organize Tech Fest and symposium. Our associated organization helps professional to bind up their thesis or research work by proving perfect guidance. Secure your innovation by filing a patent with us and avail our scientific information security and intellectual property.

Technology for Humanity

Serving Humanity with science is our journey with few milestone of activity to contribute to society. Our beloved children with basic needs are being served by our volunteers and activities to weep tears in faces of our future generations.

Technoarete has taken many remarkable initiations in providing technical education to many differently able children in India as well as many South East Asian countries. The professionals of IFERP have granted free Industrial courses to youth with financial constraints which have helped them to make their space in society. The organization also engages its staffs and members to provide free technical curriculum to unemployed youths to provide a scope of employment.

Our Foundation

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